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Imagine learning to swim with Manta’s off a remote island, or make pasta in the hills of Umbria, or join an organic tea farm in Nepal for a few days.

Traveling is becoming more accessible for more people worldwide. Therefore early travel adopters are looking for different ways of travel nowadays, off the beaten track. They are done with just ticking the box of standard tourist places and want to go home with unique travel memories.

Is this you? Well, then have a further read as this is the first article in a row in which I will share some great travel brands I love that focus on creating unique travel experiences. Tribewanted is one of them. A travel brand that has the goal to let you experience living differently for a little while and support sustainable community development. They also have a beautiful website.

The changing travel need

A different travel need is born. Especially millenials (born after 1980) are looking for more authentic travel experiences. A research done by WYSE Travel Confederation shows that meeting friendly locals (55%), living like a local (46%) and the new memories (43%) that result from these experiences are amongst the strongest motivations.

We spoke to Filippo Bozotti, one of the members of Tribewanted, who recognizes this change. “I notice that our guests are more aware of their carbon footprint and are looking for a home-away-from-home experience. Most of them are returning guests to any of our travel experiences.”

What is Tribewanted

Tribwanted main imageFilippo: “Tribewanted is a brand that has the goal to let travelers immerse in the local culture, and participate in the activities of the community if they wish. This directly helps the local communities. “ They want to create a second home experience rather than a hotel and let people from different cultures connect.

Currently they have several locations around the world. Filippo explains: “The first location was launched on the island of Vorovoro in Fiji in 2007, the second on John Obey beach in Sierra Leone, the third in Monestevole, Italy, the fourth and fifth in Ubud, Bali, and the final one on Gonubalabala island, Papua new Guinea. We have spent 10 years bringing people together in beautiful, off-grid locations. The locations in Sierra Leone, Bali, Fiji and Papua New Guinea are nowadays managed by the local community. “

The Tribewanted traveler

Tribewanted traveler

Filippo: “We focus on the adventurous traveler who wants to immerse in the local culture. Whether you are a single traveler, a couple or a family, we have a location for anyone. Whether it is to get away from a busy life for a while, explore a new culture and place, or the curiosity to spend time immersed in a different way of living – people join us for many different reasons.”

The travel experiences they offer

Beach on Papua New GuineaSwim on the spectacular coral reef right off the beach, get your hands dirty in the yam gardens, go fishing in canoes with the local fishermen, or scuba dive with conservation experts with giant Manta Rays. On Papua New Guinea Tribewanted partners with the community of Gonubalabala and the Mailulu clan. You will get an off grid experience and interact with this beautiful Papua New Guinean village people. Minimum stay is one week.

Tribewanted papua NG

Accommodation Tribewanted Papua New Guinea

On Bali you can join their co-working tribe. It is located in Ubud where you can build your bright ideas together with other change makers from around the world and locals. They do weekly goal mapping, support you with your idea, and organize knowledge-sharing sessions. Minimum stay is one week.

Monestivole farmMonestevole in the hills of Umbria in Italy let you get a taste of organic farming. The meat, wine, extra virgin olive oil, jams, tomato sauce and veggies are all from the farm. They make their own whole grain bread and pasta, and make essences with fresh lavender for their homemade soaps. It is one big family who eat and work together. Minimum stay is 4 days.

View from the hill top Monestevole

Eating together on Monestevole farm

In Sierra Leone you can stay with the John Obey fishing community. They offer different type of accommodation; from camping on the beach, earth-bagged domes to a bungalow on the lagoon. You can join in village activities at your own pace and preference.

The Sierra Leone community

Earth bagged domes Sierra Leone

A new type of volunteering or not

Filippo: “They are not volunteering projects. Travelers pay to be there and can participate in the activities if they prefer, from farming, feeding the animals, fishing and building, as much or as little as they want. It is more free than with volunteering.”

The ultimate goal of Tribewanted

Vision of TribewantedFilippo: “We want to be a replicable example for sustainable living; one that promotes the local cultures and protects the environment, instead of making everything cookie cutter and destroying the eco-system. “

Interested in similar travel experiences then check my previous blog Beyond Kenya’s lodges.

Do you know of any inspiring travel brands I should cover in one of the next articles? Please leave a comment below and I will follow-up. Thanks!










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