The Best Treehouse Experiences!

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As a child I always wanted to build a treehouse. A place tucked away in between branches, far away from the real world; a place for shelter or just to see the earth from another perspective. Unfortunately, I never succeeded in making one. Luckily there have been many people who kept their wish to build a treehouse and succeeded. What I did during the years was collecting and saving the ones I found in magazines, blogs and other online media. Here is my list of the best treehouse experiences. Enjoy!

1. Finca Bella Vista in Costa Rica

Treehouse Finca Bella Vista Costa Rica

Finca Bella Vista is a rustic, comfortable, private community off the beaten track where owners and limited numbers of guests can explore the natural wonders of the rainforest canopy. It is located in an amazing and relatively untouched portion of Costa Rica that is removed from many of the influences of the outside world. It started when Mateo fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the Southern part of Costa Rica. Together with his wife he was looking for a little getaway in the tropics. They landed at what would later become Finca Bellavista. The property was way to large and expensive for what they needed so they began to brainstorm ways they could afford it. They came up with the idea of a treehouse and then wondered out loud if friends or other people might be interested to build a treehouse too. That’s how it started.

Their mission is to assist communities in their region in regenerating rainforest assets and restoring native habitats to encourage healthier lifestyles, economies and opportunities.

Finca Bella Vista has eight different treehouses for rent ranging in price from 90-275 USD per night.

2. Secluded treehouse in the USA

Treehouse hideaway in Atlanta
This treehouse is located intown Atlanta, but secluded. An environmental activist and 3d photographer and his wife build it as an escape within the city. They’ve made it into a vacation at home.

The treehouse exists of a suite of three connected treehouses set in the secluded neighborhood of Buckhead. The living room, bedroom and deck are beautifully furnished with antiques and natural artifacts. Nestled amongst the trees, it’s a perfect, quiet retreat.

3. Treehouse point in the US 

Treehouse hideaway near Seattle

Peace and tranquility are yours when arriving at this place, just 30 minutes from Seattle! Located in a beautiful forest beside the Raging River. The treehouse was build by Pete Nelson who had been building treehouses for 20 years. He began, he says, when he was five years old, building his first treehouse with just a hammer and a screwdriver. He and his houses progressed through the years, as he learned from each experience and from each tree. He found this place very close to his home and amazingly enough; a neighboring property with a lodge/home was also for sale. The idea for their own Treehouse Bed and Breakfast was born!

4. Hidden spherical treehouses in Canada

Free spirit sphere treehouse

This place is set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. They provide four ‘spheres’ or treehouses. Price ranges from 150 dollar to 245 dollar a night.

5. Treehouse hideaway in India

Treehouse hideaway India

The 5 treehouses are spread in a dense jungle of 21 acres of Bandhavghar National Park. Designed in a fetching fusion of traditional jungle living and contemporary design, the tree houses are self-contained and a perfect getaway. The bedrooms are furnished with understated accessories in natural and earth tones. Local staff using regularized wood has made all treehouses. Local craft knowledge and expertise has been used at all quarters to ensure that the Tree Houses blend harmoniously with nature.

Price ranges from18.000-30.000 INR a night.

6. Treehouse experience in Sri Lanka

Treehouse experience in South Sri Lanka

This place is for travellers who search for the road less travelled. A place in the South of Sri Lanka built for responsible travelers to experience the true Sri Lankan life. It’s a return to basics and a lesson on how to enjoy simple pleasures, healthy food and giving back to the community, our planet and ourselves. The idea comes from Charitha who wanted to explore new ways to contribute to the Triple Bottom Line – learning better ways to create a positive change, give you an authentic experience, and ensure that we retain the “essence” of Sri Lanka.

There are two treehouses all with the modern amenities. LED lighting is used throughout the complex as well as solar path lighting to prevent high-energy usage. Sustainable farming methods prevent soil pollution and erosion and encourage poison-free fresh produce. They also place special focus on hiring people from the local community. Price ranges from 111 dollar to 140 USD dollars a night.


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