Most Haunted & Adventures Places in Asia To See Before You Die

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Since centuries people have feared the unknown, but at the same time it attracted and interested people. If you are looking to do something exciting and adventurous during your holiday have a further read.

I myself have great interest in haunted places that have some mysterious past and I did quite some research on them. Though there are many places in the world that are known for their paranormal activities, only a few of them can give you a real scintillating and spine-chilling experience. Being one of the most mysterious continents in the world, Asia has a lot of places that have the reputation being haunted. Here are 6 spine chilling haunted places in Asia that I think you must see before you die.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhagarvar Fort India

India has always been a place of mystic beauty and mysterious places. One of the most haunted places of India is Bhangarh Fort, located at 83 kilometers away from the city of Jaipur. Besides its mysterious history it is a beautiful and interesting place to visit with on the backdrop gigantic mountains.

There are basically two stories about the haunting activities of this palace. Let me give you a sneak-peak into its mystical past. The main story is that princess Ratnavati accidentally killed a magician who was supposedly in love with her. While dying the magician cursed the whole palace and the palace is still under the curse. Another story that does the rounds is Guru Balunath who cursed the king and due to this the fort was never completed. This has made the place extremely spooky and ghostly. The deserted palace with its remains and silence has spooked many of its visitors. However, no one was harmed physically.

This place with its haunted and deserted environment will definitely send a chill down your spine. I thoroughly enjoyed the goose bumping experience of witnessing the haunted fort. If you are adventurous enough to know the unknown you must visit this one.

Shaniwarwada, Pune, India

Shaniwarwada Pune India

Shaniwarwada palace has a glorious and delightful history of Peshwa Baji Rao of the Maratha Kingdom. However, it is also one of the scariest palaces of India and it is still being haunted by the voice of young Narayan Rao who was the son of Balaji Baji Rao and great grandson of Baji Rao. Besides its wonderful architecture, visiting the place still gives me shivers and I would give it full points in terms of spookiness. It is one of the must see attractions in Pune and often used for public functions and speeches by public figures.

The story goes that Baji Rao’s son was the guardian of Narayan Rao since he was still a minor to be solemnized as a Peshwa. After Madhav Rao died, his son and his wife Anandi Bai expected Raghunath Rao to be appointed as the Peshwa and thus they killed young Narayan Rao.

Visitors as well as the local people can still hear young Narayan Rao screaming for help as he was being killed. I must say, if you are daring enough stay awake at night on a moonlit night and hear Narayan Rao’s ghost calling his uncle even today.

Only the remains can be seen today like the fortification walls with five gateways and nine bastions that enclosed the entire palace.

Jalan Casablanca, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Jl Casablanca or Jalan Casablanca is supposedly having busiest level of traffic every day. Since the main road connects the city to the suburban areas this road gets inhuman level of vehicles every day.

However when this Jl Casablanca was built in the 1980’s one of the underpasses cut right through the Menteng Pulo cemetery. The digging of corpses has disturbed the spirits of the cemetery and thus passersby can still see a female ghost draped in red dress named as “Lady in Red”. The story says her boyfriend alive buried her as she was pregnant and her angry spirit is wandering to take revenge. After a few years of the completion of the tunnel a man was found to be hanging from a rope inside the same underpass.

The adventure of this place lies in traveling at night when you can have a chance to see the ghosts in that same underpass. But my suggestion is if you hear anybody calling, do not stop and just pass by!

GP Block, Meerut, India

GP Block India

GP Block is one of the most haunted places in India that is infamous for its paranormal activities. Being one of the desolate places of the city this block has not been resided by anyone for decades. There have been various incidents of ghostly encounters and explanations about various paranormal activities from people.

The most common sighting was four men with a woman sitting at a place and having alcohol. Primarily no one thought of them to be spirits but just regular people enjoying their time and gossiping. However, gradually they came to know that there is no existence of such men in the neighborhood and those are real spirits.

According to me, the most exciting thing about this place is that these ghosts and spirits never do anything to scare people off. So, isn’t that a great opportunity to see spirits in their own world?

Oiran Buchi, Japan

Oiran Buchi, Japan

The next haunted place on my list is Oiran Buchi from the country of the rising Sun, Japan. Though unexpected, Japan has its fair share of ghost stories and haunted places. When you are traveling through the Highway 411 of the Yamanashi City in Japan you will be able to see the steep and high cliffs all around and a gentle flowing river that cuts through these cliffs. The scenery is quite beautiful and it is difficult to think that this place is haunted by ghosts too.

But As far as the story goes fifty-five prostitutes were killed in this same spot and thus till today passersby at time sight ghosts of women on this spot near the river. The place also has a suspension bridge that looks quite creepy and desolated.

From my experience, I can say the place being very silent gives an eerie and exciting feeling at a time. The story and possibility of encountering so many spirits is highly scary and terrifying in itself and can give shivers even to the lion-hearts.

The Forbidden City, China

The Forbidden City, China

Last but not the least my personal pick is from the mystical country of China. Besides being one of the most popular historical attractions of China, did you know that the Forbidden City has sighted different ghostly eunuchs and concubines who roam around the various rooms and halls of the palace? I didn’t.

The Imperial Palace was in reign from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. It is well known that eunuchs and concubines inhabited this palace. The desolated and Forbidden City has seen ghostly women and eunuchs as well as heard them playing music and songs too. The gatekeepers and soldiers have also encountered the ghost of a woman without any face in the 1990’s.

Besides its being the world’s largest palace complex that covers 74 hectares, the adventurous part of this haunted place is that you have the chance to encounter ghosts or at least hear them singing as well.

Well, now my job is done and it is entirely up to you, whether you will be satisfied only by hearing the mysteries and stories encircling these places or you will like take a practical visit to one of these 6 most haunted and adventurous places in Asia. It will be a once in a lifetime experience and something that is definitely worth to see before you die. So, leave all your inhibitions behind and pack your bags to experience something untold that you neither have experienced before nor you will be experiencing in future!

Do you know any exciting places that are a must visit?

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