Finding Lasting Travel Memories

Local farmer Indonesie
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So many times we plan our yearly travel, save up for it, make sure of every single detail, and yet, it doesn’t feel special once we are there. With hotels trying to replicate structures, and restaurants globally making sure that you eat the best Sushi in England and the best Pad Thai in Australia, it’s somehow not fun anymore.

As the world is shrinking, with pictures, videos and all the social media content doing the rounds, we are less impressed with anything. These 10 yelp reviews at Mashable show how we are no more ‘WOW-ed’ by the obvious.

Travel to Remember

We do not travel to ‘forget’ or to find a ‘distraction’ anymore. We travel to ‘remember’ and to find that ‘something or someone’ who brings us back to life. For most of us, to make lasting travel memories and to find inspiration has been the theme for our travel plans. Thankfully, loads of such opportunities can be found globally.

Two local Sri Lankan women

On my travel, I aim to find the spot, the shop and the person, that will help me connect to the heart of the city. That is what makes it special for me! That’s what leaves a mark on my memories!

My favorite Travel Story

My favorite travel stories are from my own state of Jammu & Kashmir (in India), where we as a family would travel extensively every summer. With no internet, no pre-bookings and no travel itineraries, we would hop into the car and drive away. The views there are so spectacular, that you wouldn’t even want to blink your eyes.

On one such adventurous travels towards Sanasar, we met Razia. As we were driving through the heavy fog, feeling lost and almost in the middle of nowhere, she suddenly appeared from the side of the cliff with her goat. We came to a sudden halt, wondering if she was lost too. She smiled and asked my dad to lower down the car window. She introduced herself with a heartfelt smile. Probably, she had encountered lost travelers before. We did not understand her language, neither did she ours, but we had a perfect conversation. She pointed in the direction of the nearest city, told us how long it would take for us to reach there. Then she pointed in another direction and making a hut over her head with her hands to show that that’s where she lived. Very politely she asked us if we would like to come and take some rest or if we were hungry. We thanked her for her generosity but declined the offer. My dad then asked her if she needed any help getting back home, to which she laughed, crossed the road and climbed the mountain along with her goat, as if it (the mountain) were just an extension of their bodies. We reached our destination, and Razia became a part of our life in a way that we will never forget.

We would have found the city anyway, but the love and care that Razia showed us was remarkable! It is amazing to see how people living in places almost cut off from the main world, are so warm and welcoming. I guess the unpolluted nature around them keeps their hearts unpolluted as well! Today, with more resources at hand, it is much easier to find locals like Razia who can make your journeys worthwhile.

At I Like Local, we have managed to find some incredible locals who are committed to help you make the most of your time in their city (or village). Come meet them and share with us your travel story that left a mark on your life!

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