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On I like Local we put our readers first and our goal is to create high quality and useful travel content for you. We allow advertisement as long as it fits our readers interest. When you click on some of the links that you find on this site, we receive compensation from that particular advertiser. This makes it possible for us to support a team of writers who help provide the best travel content.

1. Display ads

We allow advertising from reliable advertising partners. To help ensure that the advertising on our site is consistent with our mission of helping you to find the best travel destinations, get insider tips and other relevant travel content, advertisers are prohibited from placing any advertising that:

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We also do not accept advertising that promotes alcohol or tobacco products.

2. Affiliate Linking

We allow affiliate links to to our blog content as it is in line with the content and theme of the blog post. It can be either in the form of text or images.

There are a few restrictions in what affiliate partners are allowed. We do not allow affiliate links for gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, multi-level marketing programs, disreputable merchants, pornography, malware, or phishing-type scams. We also do not allow sites that exist primarily to drive traffic to affiliate links.

3. Sponsored posts

We do work with guest bloggers once in a while. We are very critical about the content of the article as we not only want to create unique and in-depth travel content for our readers, but also want to make sure the article is doing well. Therefore is should fit into below guidelines.


  • Fluent in English writing
  • Affinity or background in writing
  • Blog post should be at least 1500 words
  • Should contain a minimum of 4 or 5 high resolution pictures royalty free that fit the content of the blog
  • (1000×600 pixels at least)
  • Use of links to high quality websites
  • Unique content so no copy paste from other articles
  • In depth and unique content (hidden coffee shops, restaurants, places to sleep, places to see etc.)
  • All subsequent publications of the article will cite the I Like Local blog as the original source and provide a link to the article on the I Like Local blog

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