6 Best Travel Destinations in Asia for a Solo Female Traveler

Solo female travel
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Whenever it comes to traveling we most of the time consider traveling with friends or a partner, am I right? However solo traveling is the best way if you are looking for a more enriched travel experience and self-growth. Though we, female travelers, are often a little hesitant regarding our safety, security and ‘being alone’ before going on a solo travel trip, there are many countries that are safe and easy to travel and can bring you an enriching solo traveling experience.

The continent that is home to the safest countries in the world is Asia. Especially when you are going for the first time on a solo travel trip, this is a wonderful place to start.

In this blog post I will share why I think traveling alone is so great, my top list of the six best travel destinations in Asia for solo women travelers who would love to discover the treasures on their own and a list of indispensable items when traveling.

Why traveling alone is so great

BoliviaWhen I traveled solo in 2009 for 4 months it was an eye-opener. I enjoyed it so much that I said to myself that even if I will get a partner or children in the future I would like to travel at least 1 or 2 weeks by myself every year.

The reason why I like traveling alone so much is:

1) You can decide whatever you want without taking into account the opinion of a travel partner. If you want to chill in a hammock for a day, chill. If you want to shop till you drop, shop. It is your call.

2) As a solo traveler you are more open to your environment and easier approachable by locals or other travelers alike. This will provide you some amazing opportunities or local travel experiences that you wouldn’t have encountered when traveling with someone else

3) When returning home you are on top of the world. It will strengthen your independence and self-confidence and that feels so damn good!

Traveling alone is the best way to bring you closer to the local lifestyle and the people of a country. Have a look at my suggestions for the best countries to travel to as a solo female traveler.

The best destinations to travel solo

1. Philippines

El Nido Philippines

Philippines is on top of my list when traveling alone. It is not only good in terms of its mind-blowing beauty, but it is highly inexpensive, not as touristy as Thailand and safe as well. There are numerous outstanding features and reasons that makes this country a perfect destination for single woman traveler.

Ranked as one of the happiest places in the world with ever-smiling locals, Philippines will heighten the fun quotient, thrill and comfort of a trip by manifolds.

You can walk around freely without any worries of intruders or confronting any antisocial behavior.

There are some amazing places to visit in the Philippines which you can read in my blog Insider Travel Tips for the Philippines.

2. South Korea

The next destination is South Korea, which tops the chart when it comes to low crime rate, women safety and secure nightlife. Almost all the places in this Asian country, including its capital Seoul, are safe to travel for a solo woman tourist.

Seoul is a great city with a lot of artists, small boutiques and cozy coffee shops and restaurants. The food is also amazing! Try out the hot pot or Korean pancake, yum!

If you like shopping and dining then Seoul is the place to go. Blogger Linda who lives in Seoul shares her top things to do for female travelers.

Compare the above with the openhearted native people who will give their best effort to make your travel a memorable one, and it paves a perfect destination to explore on your own.

3. Japan

Colors of JapanAnother very famous and safe travel destination for women travelers in Asia is the beautiful country of Japan also known as the land of the Rising Sun.

Japan is stunning, serene, hip and has great transportation facilities. I found this country to be exceptionally stunning, clean and uber safe for women travelers as women hold a very prestigious position in this exotic country.

With the welcoming free greeters program in Japan, you will find it extremely easy and convenient to explore the whole of the country without any hassle.

And if you are lost there will be plenty of helpful locals who will be more than happy to help and guide you.

4. Vietnam

Locals in VietnamVietnam is in the top ten safest Asian countries according to Retire Asia. Besides being safe it is a beautiful country to travel to. From the lush green mountains in the north where you can come face-to-face with the traditional hill tribes and can do some amazing trekking to bustling Hanoi, cozy and colonial Hoi An, the white sandy-beaches of Nha Trang, food paradise Ho Chi Minh and the tropical island of Pho Quoc.

Vietnam contains everything for having an amazing travel experience. Don’t forget to try out some amazing street food! The hardest part will be selecting the best places to visit in Vietnam for sure!

5. Nepal

NepalSqueezed between the high wall of the Himalaya and the steamy jungles of the Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras. From the bustling city of Kathmandu with its temples and lively markets to the tropical jungle of Chitwan National Park and the fresh air of the mountains in Pokhara.

Nowhere else can you trek for days or even weeks in incredible mountain scenery, secure in the knowledge that a hot meal, cozy lodge and warm slice of apple pie await you at the end of the day.

Nepal is nirvana for mountain lovers. In one valley alone you can be sweltering in the shade of a banana palm in the morning, and sheltering from a snowstorm in the afternoon.

A Kroatian travel blogger lives in Kathmandu and writes about her life on her blog The Roofs Of Kathmandu. A great blog to read when planning a trip to Nepal.

6. Singapore and Hong Kong

Hong Kong and its towersSingapore and Hong Kong are both in the top 10 list of most safest countries in the world. Although I don’t prefer to stay in cities too long these are both great cities that are worth exploring for a few days. Especially as they often act as a hub for further travel in Asia.

Hong Kong is a great mix of Chinese and colonial influences with some top of the world restaurants, beautiful cultural sightings, great beaches and stunning hiking opportunities.

Singapore is clean, tropical and has a cosmopolitan vibe. Being a multicultural melting pot it offers a great variety of things to do and see.

My most favorite travel items

Packing your bags and deciding what to take is often a challenge. I just want to share my most favorite items that I think are indispensable when traveling and that help you organize and travel in the most convenient way.

I really love to have an organized backpack. In the past I was using simple plastic bags until I found these super handy travel organizers for your belongings and one of the best sellers on Amazon. They are made from water- and tear-resistant material. It also has a laundry bag that keeps your dirty clothes separated.  Also, I love to use a hanging toiletry bag so that everything stays where it needs to stay plus you don’t need to put it on a dirty floor or a wet sink.

A great backpack is another key item, especially when you are going on day trip and you don’t want to carry a large backpack. I bought the High Sierra Loop backpack as it got more than 2000 thousand 5-star reviews and I understand why. The bag is very large with various small pockets and the straps fit really well plus the price is very affordable.

The last item I want to share is my favorite shampoo bar. I have plenty of reasons for this! 1) in many liquid shampoo’s they put plastic particles, 2) I want to reduce my ecological footprint, 3) it takes less space, 4) you don’t need to worry about leaking bottles, 5) no stress

Traveling alone always offers a more refined and better travel experience compared to traveling with another person or a tour.

Asia is dotted with numerous spectacular travel destinations, warm-hearted people, amazing food and lowest crime rates when it comes to solo women traveling destinations. If the basic precautions are followed, a trip to the above 6 places can turn out to be the best experiences of your life, ever.

So, my fellow women travelers pack your bags and set for a great travel exploration that will enrich and let you discover your potential self.

Interested in some authentic local travel experiences? Check out these off the beaten track things to do and places to sleep.






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