5 reasons why to stay with a local

Home- and farmstay with a local

When I had my first homestay experience in India I became a great fan of this kind of travel accommodation. One of the main reasons was that I was welcomed with so much friendliness and hospitality, something I didn’t experience anywhere else. Another reason was that I simply adore Indian food and the best food I got in India was homemade food. Every time I was surprised by the amount of food they made and the variety of dishes. It was a complete feast.

Stay with a local offers a very nice alternative to hotels and guesthouses. It can be a homestay or a farmstay for example. Still doubting why to do it? I give you 5 reasons to give it a try.

1. Home away from home

Nothing feels like a home than a place where a family actually lives, where you can see and join them in their daily rituals and talk about their habits and customs. It is really living local life, something you won’t experience when staying in a hotel or apartment.

2. Meet local people

Staying with a local family doesn’t only give you an insight into local life, but it also provides you a chance to get to know about the best places to go, off the beaten track; restaurants, markets, shops, or other interesting sites. I have been to amazing places I wouldn’t have found without my local friends.

3. Value for money

Homestays and farmstays provide you with a real local experience and are always much cheaper than any other form of accommodation. Sometimes even for free in return for a little help. These are often memorable moments you will never forget.

4. Direct support to the local family

Your stay at a local family’s house or farm supports them directly. It makes it possible for ordinary families to earn some extra money. Doesn’t it give you a good feeling to know where your money is going?

5. Insight in local culture

You can read a lot about a destination’s culture and customs before arriving, but the only way to really get to know them is by experiencing it first-hand. Spend a couple of days in a home or farmstay and the family will share with you an insight into local life that other forms of accommodation simply can’t offer.

Want to get some inspiration? Have a look at these home- and farmstays.

Homestay in the Himalayas, India

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