48 Hours – What to See and Do While in Delhi

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If India is known to be a culturally diversified nation, then Delhi is its rightful heir as the capital with many historical places. The city reflects a beautiful amalgamation of cultures from all across the country. Visiting Delhi would give a glimpse of entire India in a nutshell if you haven’t explored the country entirely but dearly want to.

I like to believe that if you want to understand a destination, the best way is to travel like a local; and one of the best ways (a personal recommendation) to do this is by engaging in volunteer work. My inclination towards taking volunteer trips abroad started on my visit to Cambodia few years back and since then, it has been my way of traveling everywhere.

India is one country that can be found in most travel bucket lists. And, while, there are those who can afford to take months of break to explore the globe, many face time constraints and can’t dedicate more than a few days or weeks in traveling.  For the latter, a few days or a week of volunteer work is a great way where you not only get to interact with the natives, but also get to explore the destination over the weekend time.

In order to that, here is a list of things to do around Delhi over the weekend and make the most of your 48 hours.

Visit the Historical Places in Delhi to Witness the Rich Heritage

Jama Masjid

It’s not just now that New Delhi is the capital and a center point of India. The city has always held a significant position for the country since the years of yore. All the way from the Mughal era to the British rule, there are a number of architectural masterpieces to explore and visit to learn about the history of India. Some of the historical places you can visit in Delhi include India Gate, Qutub Minar (Tallest brick minaret in the world), Humayun’s Tomb, Jama Masjid (the largest mosque in the country), etc.

Noord India 013

Take a Dip Into the Pious Atmosphere

Delhi walking tourAs stated earlier, Delhi sustains a great mix of all cultures and traditions in India. If you have a knack to learn about religions and their practices, then Delhi has an array of options to fulfill that requirement as well. From the beautiful Lotus Temple and the calm Bangla Saheb Gurudwara, to the enchanting ISKCON temple and the scenic Jama Masjid, Delhi has you covered for all religious ports. A wonderful way to see Delhi from the inside is taking a walk with a former street kid and in this way supporting him.

Shop All You Can, Shop Till You Can

Chandni-Chowk DelhiIn ‘Boromir’s’ words (From the Lord Of the Rings), “One simply does not visit Delhi and not go local shopping”. No trip is complete without a little shopping at the local markets of the city you are visiting; and when in Delhi, the options are in abundance. Explore the famous Khan Market if you are looking for some good collection of bookstores. If you are already hungry try Khan Chacha, flat no. 50, Middle Lane, Khan Market. They serve some delicious kebabs, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Enter the Chandni Chowk to see the face of the old Delhi market and find some hidden food gems to grab a bite. Definitely try to eat one of the great parantha’s of Paranthey Wali Gali, a narrow street in the Chandni Chowk. The Lajpat Nagar market will give you various options for buying some really good deals, Sarojani Nagar market is all set to provide you with ample of options for your choice of branded accessories and clothing (but at a fairly cheap price). Get your bargain mode ON!

Explore local street food Delhi

Experience Delhi Nightlife

Behold, all the party freaks!! Visiting the capital city of one of the fastest developing nations in the world and expecting less of a thrilling nightlife can be considered daunting. The Hauz Khaas Village area is one of the most popular and ‘happening’ nightlife streets in the capital. Bludgeoned with insomniacs, especially over the weekends, the village has many discos, pubs and restaurants to offer. There are few pubs that provide rooftop-sitting arrangements from where you can have some amazing views of the city. Check out some of the best Delhi bars and clubs. To start your evening have a dinner at Amour, 30 Hauz Khas Village. They serve delicious Mediterranean food.

Go For a Short Excursion

The Taj MahalThe best thing about Delhi is that, not only does it provide a lot of options to make a wonderful trip within its periphery, but its mere geographical positioning is such that one can choose to explore some really fascinating places located close to it. The placement organization I was volunteering in Delhi provides excursion packages to choose from over the weekends. Some of the options would take you to places such as Agra (home to The Taj Mahal), Hrishikesh (religious city famous for Yoga and river rafting), Jim Corbett National Park, Amritsar (home to the Golden Temple), Dharamsala (Home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama and known for great Himalayan treks), etc.


Excursions from DelhiThese are just a handful of what one has on offer to explore in Delhi while on a volunteering program or just visiting this vibrant city. It is said that, during winters, the beauty of all the hangouts in Delhi goes several notches up; and is considered to be the best time to visit Delhi. So you better hurry up and book your tickets; It’s India Calling!

What are your most favorite places in Delhi? Would love to hear them.


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