24 Pictures Show Why Volunteering in Thailand Is So Popular

Volunteering abroad in Asia

4There is a shift going on in the travel landscape and maybe you have already recognized it. The time of only lying at the beach, flying by airplane for the first time, and being one of the first explorers is gone. An increasing number of affluent travelers is looking for less conspicuous holiday choices and seeking out simpler, more ethical and authentic experiences that are far removed from their hectic daily lives, according to the ABTA Travel Trends report. Besides treehouses, and farmstays, volunteering opportunities are among the newest forms of travel and especially volunteering in Thailand.

Volunteer abroad on a gap year is especially popular amongst Millennials. Guess which destination took the most popular spot? Yes! It’s the ‘Land Of Smiles’, Thailand. Volunteering in Thailand is a widely chosen option for a gap year abroad or to volunteer for a couple of weeks during your holiday.

Summer volunteering is a great adventure tour option in Thailand, providing a number of unmatched travel experiences. It is a way to get a more in-depth experience, live like a local, doing a good cause and off course a way to bond and network with people from across the globe.

So, without any further ado, and to bring things into perspective, here are 20 amazing pictures that will show you exactly why volunteering in Thailand is so popular.

There are sufficient volunteering options

Volunteering in Thailand

Thailand volunteering

Volunteer Thailand

teach English in Thailand

Farmstay volunteering Thailand

There is great adventure

Meeting other volunteers

Visiting historical places Thailand

Eating local food

Hiking Thailand

Trekking Thailand

There is cultural experience

Experience local culture

Thai culture

Eating with local family

Stunning landscape scenery Thailand

Enjoying Thai views

There is delicious Thai food

Enjoy your Thai food

Delicious Thai food

Fresh markets with delicious food

Delicious Thai home dinners

You can meet the most friendly people on earth

Woman covered with local sunscreen

Connecting with local culture

Experience local hill tribes

Friendly Thai children


Friendly local people

Interested in volunteering in Asia? Check out these unique volunteering possibilities!











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