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Before I die, empty your bucket list

It is apparent that discerning travelers have a pent up appetite for glorious travel adventures that go beyond the norm. They have a thirst to do something unique and a deep hunger to add meaning to their travels. A new way of traveling which I call Travel 3.0. A concept that respond to this trend is Bohemian Birds. A unique travel concept that organizes the most crazy, unimaginable travel experiences, tries to create social impact and stimulates entrepreneurship.

Meet Jasper, a young entrepreneur who offers really unique travel experiences for young people and companies who are looking for a different type of travel and have a zest for unknown places. From a hunting and fishing expedition in Norway and Albania (for men only), heliskiing in the Caucasus and dogsledding in Spitsbergen to joining the Pyongyang marathon in North Korea.

Bohemian Birds

The start of Bohemian Birds

Jasper explained “At the age of 23 I joined a large US management consulting firm with an internship. I got offered a job and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a lot of things, to meet a wide variety of people and to discover multiple commercial and social organizations. I had great colleagues and a good pay check every month, but I was missing entrepreneurship and creativity”.

The idea to start Bohemian birds came from a “slow hunch” rather than an instant moment of inspiration. In the first three decades of his life Jasper had met many people from all walks of life and at some point noticed that everybody has certain experiences they dream of: countries they want to see, jumping out of an airplane, wild water rafting on the Nile river – but many people lacked the time and willpower to actually go out and take the leap. So, Bohemian birds started to help them with this and empty their bucket list before it would be too late.

About Bohemian birds

Bohemian Birds is a movement that fits into travel 3.0 and that combines travel to unique places, creating social impact and stimulating entrepreneurship. All the trips they offer have emerged from their own creative minds and of their clients. “The skitrip to Georgia, we organized out of our own curiosity” said Jasper, but one client contacted us to cross the Atlantic Ocean by sailing boat, so we organized it for him and in November 2015 his dream will be fulfilled”. Also companies can make use of their travel experiences as a team building activity for example. Bohemian Birds believes not only in dreaming, but acting and living your live to the fullest thereby connecting people with the same mindset. “You’ll be on the road with around 15 like-minded, curious travel fanatics”, says Jasper.

Collaboration with Food frontiers

Social impact the company tries to create via for example Isla Bohemia, an island that is bought via crowdfunding and run by like minded people. A place where creativity and connection comes to life. Another initiative is the BB foundation in cooperation with Food Frontiers, which seeks to bridge differences and strengthen common ground between ethnic communities across Europe by organizing large-scale meals on ethnic borders. 10% of the profit of Bohemian Birds goes to this foundation.

How they see the future of travel

What is the vision of this entrepreneurial organisation on travel 3.0? Jasper explains “I think people are more and more looking for authentic experiences. Where our parents tended to save up for later instead of going to far away places, our generation loves buying experiences. They are actively looking to live a life ‘well lived’. We are more experience savvy than our parents. That’s the need Bohemian birds wants to fulfil.

Want to know more about Bohemian Birds or book one of their experiences have a look at their website





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