Ultimate Asia guide for women traveling alone

Ultimate guide for solo female travel Asia

Did you know that we, women, are making up nearly two-thirds of travelers today? If you also do a quick Google search on ‘solo female travel’ you can see that in the past 5 years, the interest in this topic has more than tripled.

Even when we’re traveling with a male partner it is 85% of the time us who’re in charge of planning the trip and making the decisions, as cited in the Skift Trends Report 2017.

It is interesting to see that more women than men are interested in immersive travel experiences and connecting with local communities. We have reached a time that we want to be inspired by the places we visit and the people we meet and truly connect.

I wanted to create a guide for women traveling alone in Asia that cover unique and safe travel destinations and experiences that let you truly connect with a country, recommend some handy travel apps and travel items that shouldn’t be missing. Curious? Have a further read.

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Hidden things to do in Singapore for the true traveler

Peranakan house in Singapore

When you think of Singapore, a few things might come to mind. Some are towering cities flooded with international business people; others is sprawling resort complexes that essentially act as entertainment centers. These are certainly among the prevailing images of this metropole at the southern edge of Malaysia, and they maybe give a feeling that Singapore is simply a crossroads for travelers and business types.

In some respect this is true. Many people travel to Singapore for work, and millions more pass through to visit other countries like Indonesia for example.

But did you know that Singapore has a hidden sight with unique local markets, small restaurants and an art scene only locals know about. We want to reveal these hidden gems in Singapore to you when you maybe visit Singapore on your next trip.

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Northern Thailand off the tourist trail

Northern Thailand off the beaten track

The northern region of Thailand differs considerably from the rest of the country, both in climate and geography as well as culturally and linguistically. An area with hill tribes, green mountains, rivers and waterfalls, often set against a backdrop of swirling mists and fog. It is an area that is perfect for the more adventurous traveler. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai are the most famous places. If you want to see northern Thailand beyond its standard tourist attractions, have a further read. We have composed three different itineraries that will take you off the tourist trail. 

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Best things to do in Bali: experience it the local way!

There is certainly no shortage of things to see and do in Bali, but how do you make sure you leave this culturally rich island with the feeling that you truly saw it rather than being just another tourist doing touristy things? While being one of the top travel destinations and seeing millions visitors a year, Bali still has a lot to offer to those seeking authentic travel experiences. So once you cross some key attractions off your list, let us take you beyond the touristy side, bring you closer to nature and connect you with the local life and culture. Enjoy our most unique experiences in Bali!
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Hidden places in Nairobi, Kenya that few travelers know about

Nairobi is not so straight forward when visiting as a traveler. How should you spend 2 days in Nairobi? Most travelers look at TripAdvisor that offer a handful of things to do in Nairobi, but they don’t give a good impression of Nairobi as a city or of the Kenyan culture, in my opinion. This is the reason I thought to write an article about the hidden gems in Nairobi.

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Hip YunLin in Taiwan is a must visit for any solo female traveler

Yunlin is one of my favorite getaway places in Taiwan, as this was where I spent most of my childhood with my loving grannies. The place has changed a lot since I last visited it a couple of years ago. A city once considered the most underdeveloped area is now becoming a trendy hotspot and a must visit when you are traveling to Taiwan.

The following artsy hippie places are definitely worth a visit for any solo female traveler heading to Taiwan! Below is my suggested itinerary for a 1-day trip to HuWei township in YunLin.

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Bali off the beaten track: itinerary for the true wanderer

Hidden gem Bali - Hideout Bali

Bali just made it to the number one global travel destination in 2017  in TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards ahead of London, Paris and Rome. What makes Bali truly unique and popular among travelers is that it combines all things many travelers are looking for. It has a tropical climate, delicious food, a vibrant culture, stunning nature, a relaxed vibe, picture-perfect beaches and underwater world. And on top of it all, it is easy to get around and easy to enjoy regardless of the money amount you want to leave here.

But popularity can often crush the soul of a destination and make it more difficult to find the hidden gems. Many travelers like me don’t like being surrounded by other tourists. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for the undiscovered and more unique places.

To make your life easier and help you find the best places to visit when in Bali, we have compiled a unique 3-week Bali off the beaten track itinerary for you. Curious? Read on!

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10 travel tricks that will save you a fortune

Photo credit Jesse Bowser

Heading abroad is great fun. Whether you’re off on your annual summer family holiday or a romantic city break over a long weekend, exploring a new place is exciting and rewarding. But going abroad can be expensive if you don’t plan well. You’ve got to think about how you’re getting there, where you’ll stay, what activities you’ll be doing and how much you want to spend on food and other extras. The costs can quickly add up.

Wouldn’t you like to find the best deals so that you can travel more and work less? That’s why we’ve found 10 tricks for you that will stretch your travel budget much further. Try some of these out and see how much you could save!

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How you can travel continuously by working remotely

Photo credit Remote Way

Life is such a wonderful gift especially when you can explore the beautiful world we live in. Do you dream of climbing the Machu Picchu, seeing the sun rise in Borobudur Temple, exploring undiscovered Papua New Guinea, or maybe experiencing Thailand while munching on its finest street food? “How wonderful it would be to travel while still earning money for a living, right?” If you unconsciously nod on that last line, this article is for you.

The number of people who want to travel and making the best out of their “annual leave” have rapidly increased. Research also shows that more meaningful work tend to be done in a span of short yet dedicated work hours and during our travel. This short guide how you can travel by working remotely hopefully inspires you and takes away any arguments for not doing so.

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