Omtetepe island Nicaragua

Though filled with bright colors, tasty local food, interesting wildlife, and beautiful scenery, Nicaragua rarely makes it on to the average person’s travel bucket list. When someone adventurous decides to give the worthy country a shot, they often visit the cities of Granada or San Juan del Sur. While these are wonderful travel destinations in their own right, Nicaragua is home to another lesser-known gem: “Isle de Ometepe” or Ometepe Island.

The second you step foot on tropical island of Ometepe, you feel as though you have gone back in time. Stunning volcanic views, wide beaches, endless greenery, and untouched local ways, make you feel as if you can experience Central America as it’s supposed to be.

Just talk to a local, and they will inform you there is no need for traffic police on Ometepe; the frequently passing animals keep everyone slowed down. Nobody leaves Ometepe Island without thinking they might have caught a bit of traveler’s magic. Read More

Volunteering abroad in Asia

4There is a shift going on in the travel landscape and maybe you have already recognized it. The time of only lying at the beach, flying by airplane for the first time, and being one of the first explorers is gone. An increasing number of affluent travelers is looking for less conspicuous holiday choices and seeking out simpler, more ethical and authentic experiences that are far removed from their hectic daily lives, according to the ABTA Travel Trends report. Besides treehouses, and farmstays, volunteering opportunities are among the newest forms of travel and especially volunteering in Thailand. Read More

Ultimate Nepal Travel tips for First time visitors

Nepal is unforgettable and planning a journey to its enchanted landscapes can be an ideal choice to discover the experience of a lifetime. Its nature is wild and its many secret places lay calmly off the beaten track, away from the noisy mainstream tourism. Nepal is famous for its magnificent trekking opportunities. Truth be told, you have no choice: as a first time visitor you will fall in love with Nepal for sure and I will show you why.

Nepal is a place embraced by overpowering vegetation and guarded by the highest peaks on Earth, a breathtaking corner of our planet with unforgettable panoramas governed by an indomitable, ever-changing nature. The lakes colored by the millennia, temples, rivers, and a population with ancient traditions and an easy smile do the rest.

After the earthquake in April 2015 the number of tourists fell by 90%, which hit the local people hard, especially the many local tour guides. Your trip can help this country and its charming population to recover after this horrible shock. Even due to the harsh event, the local people are generous, welcoming and have a smile on their face everywhere you come.

Let me take you on a journey through this magnificent country and share my 16 Nepal travel tips when traveling to Nepal for the first time. Read More